You’re a genius if you have these 7 indications

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From Your childhood tell know is question your mind are you a genius or not. or your thing how much I have talent?

unfortunately, in 3world country there is lots of genius, they don’t have any access to show their talent. but in 1world country their lot ability like environment, money or other resources to show their talent they will get success in life.

I say if you see this sings on you, Think that you’re a genius you have the ability to do something better then the other people.

There is some of them that change the world and got success in there life

1- you sleep let in the night you are a genus because successful people are sleeping let in the night the do their important work at night because they can focus on something is creating an idea or reading a book or working om a project that is called Insomnia the famous genius hat this insomnia problem the sleep only 3 – 4 hours in a day

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla: he sleeps 2 – 3 hours in the day

Leonardo da Vinci: he habits to sleep 3-4 hours in a day

Leonardo da Vinci

there were lots of other genius that had less sleeping time but the have to change the world like Albert einstein

2- less self-confidence: would you like to accept or not but it is correct

In United stat they have got exam those people had less self-confidence was better than other people the had more self-confidence. these people like to be alone and focus on his/her works and enjoy from his/her life. if you have this sign don’t think about it will be that you’re a genius.

3 – lezzy people: university of Brent Gila the have tested in 100 people the have divided into two parts and the send their data to journal news.

The said the lezzy people have a great idea then the great mind people, when we read the history you will find some discovery that was made because of the ware lazy like TV Remote Control

Bill Gates says: I chose a lezzy person to do the hard work because of the find an easy way to solve it.

you know that your mind 1,2kg 1,3kg that takes 2 percent of your weight this 2 percent will get 20 percent of body energy the resone of genius people are lezzy because of the use of their minds.

when some people said your lezzy tell them your not lezzy your genius

4- Mind is divided into two parts right and left the right side of the mind is creative and gives ideas and control or left side of the body those people their right side mind is developed there are creative.

this case that our mind creates Dopamine this help to be like a genius

For example, these people when they are tripping to other places there mind creat Dopamine tripping will be there a habit or some of them are reading lots book are playing video games that help them to be a creative person.

5- Talking with his Self: you know that creative person or talking to his self

one of the Scientist has test 20 persons and send them to the supermarket to remember the name of think that they are seeing in supermarket the Scientist has share the idea people who speak with his self the have more mind memory to save all data on his mind have good focus.

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