How to Write a personal statement 2020

first, you should know whether it is for the universities or for your resume, a personal statement can have many uses,

  • summarise your skills and experience
  • what you’re applying for

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a statement that you show your ability to that organization or university you want to apply for it. Nowadays it’s very important to attach with CV your personal statement, you should keep in mind think about it and focus on your statement and write it down in the pace of paper. Fine good word and expressions its looks more professional than you use some great expression according to your job or your university. Find the perfect opening sentence with your own words and ideas don’t copy from others, you should write your statements, not others, in writhing be honest, aks some that read your statement like your friends that have more information than you or teacher, read your statement loud and clear some times it will help you to correct some of your sentences or come to some great ideas to write it, at the end we advise you when you have submitted your university application or job don’t read it again because after that you will feel or think that part was not good or I should some more information about my self or I have forgotten to write something, it will confuse you.