How to write a letter of recommendation and important points

letter of recommendation and important points

Recommendation Letter is one of the most important documents for applying for admission to undergraduate programs. Here are some tips on how to get a recommendation from professors.

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This letter, which discusses your characteristics and abilities in the academic environment, should be provided by one of your professors in your last academic year, through various methods generally determined by the destination university, along with other necessary documents for the university. Be sent.

The purpose of submitting a letter of recommendation to the destination university is to demonstrate your ability and competence to study at a higher level and in the field of study. You have had to be approved

Methods of presenting a letter of recommendation

Usually, the methods of presenting letters of recommendation to different universities vary according to the university system, some of which are:

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  1. You can ask the reference professors you want to get a letter of recommendation from to write a letter to you, then you can print it on the university cover and sign it with the signature of the reference professor and send the signed letter to the destination university.
  2. If for some reason the professors in question are not able to write a letter of recommendation in person or do not have enough time to do so, you can print the ready-made samples on the university letterhead and put it in the letter after putting your personal information in the letter. Submit to the reference professor for signature.
  3. In some cases, the destination university provides applicants with a form as a template, which must be submitted to the reference professor to complete it and then sent to the university by mail or applicant via mail or e-mail.
  4. In some cases, the destination university uses an electronic system to receive the recommendation. In this system, the university asks the applicant to enter the email of the reference professor, and the university communicates directly with that professor and asks the relevant professor to complete the necessary forms.

Important points

The number of letters of recommendation required for admission is determined by the rules of the destination university, which is generally 2 or 3 letters.

An appropriate and strong letter of recommendation can increase your chances of getting admission and scholarships.

The professors you choose as a reference professor should be your former professors who know you well enough or have a teaching background or research collaboration with you.

If you are applying for a PhD, preferably request one of the letters of recommendation from your Master’s Supervisor.

The letter of recommendation should be printed on the university letterhead and after being signed by the reference professor, it should be placed in an envelope and sealed and sent to the destination university in the same way. And it’s not wax, and you can only upload the recommendation scan on the university website

If the destination university has contacted your reference professor electronically, be sure to ensure that your professor has received the university email and completed the required form.