HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) Conference in South Africa

HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) Conference in South Africa

Researchers, communal activists, the representation of civil society, and journalism with access to limited resources are eligible for the HIV Prevention Research (HIVR4P). Interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge on HIV vaccines, microbicides, prevention, treatment as prevention, biomedical interventions, and social and compartmental impacts were provided. Join today to conduct short-term HIV research.

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Details Category | HIVR4P

  • Opportunity type: Fully funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
    • Community
    • Research 
    • Journalism
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Awarding Country: South Africa
  • Availability: International
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Deadline: July 23, 2020
    • Journalist: 22 July 2020
    • Research: July 23, 2020
    • Community: 23 July 2020
    • Result announcement: end of September 2020

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Benefits | HIVR4P

  1. Registration fee
  2. Traveling expenses
  3. Accommodation expenses

Eligibility | HIVR4P

Eligibility | Journalist fellowship

  • Work Experience in related areas
  • The applicant must be motivated and willing to participate in the fellowship

Eligibility | Community scholarships

  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate the conference ‘s accumulated information to the communities
  • Applicants engaged in a role in preventive HIV prevention as a community advocate, educator, caring provider, or related prevention.

Eligibility | Research scholarships

  • The applicant engaged in HIV prevention research and graduate from their respective professorships or a Junior Faculty with an appointment for two years.
  • Applicants will carry out basic science research, product enhancements, preclinical or clinical research, social and compartmental science, and public health.

How to Apply

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For more information please visit the official website of HIVR4P

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