Herat University Of Afghanistan

Herat University in 1695 has 16 departments: 1 department, 2 professors, 4 male and female students.


Placed in western Afghanistan, Herat has sixteen municipalities: 1 as an authorized Ministry of Higher Education center. Public Authority, 2. Human Sciences and Literature, 3. Economics, four. Economics, four. Metrology, 5. Tarbiyeh and Education 6. Political Science and Law, seven. Farming, 8. Mass Communication and Journalism, 9. Science 10. Science 10. Odontology, 11. Fine Art, 12. Fine Arts, 12. Healthcare, 13. Science of Computers, 14. Islamic and scientific law and 15 veterinarians 16. 16. The Province of Badghis Stomatology with three campuses (education, agriculture and economics), the Province of Ghor with one faculty (education) and the Province of Farah with one college (education), And Province of Farah with one university(education) Services for kids in this border area It is now a science and educational center for 25 years.

Its strategy is to produce scientific achievements, transfer knowledge through education, and apply science and knowledge to meet the needs of society and the country. These goals are essential elements of Herat University’s mission to achieve Herat University The title of the premier university will be at the regional level which, in light of the above, Herat University has endeavored to provide the best academic facilities for students including Academic Research Center, Internet Centers, Computer Laboratories, English Language Training Center and ELCLC Computer. , Agricultural Research Farm, Library ۀ Public with more than 25,000 books in various disciplines, dedicated modern laboratories for each university, cafeteria and publishing services, short seminars and training courses such as credit bill seminars, research method seminars, internship programs The young voice training radio can be called.

In recent years, Herat University has recognized the importance of communication between foreign and domestic scientific institutions as a key element in the transfer of knowledge and its application to science, and a large number of foreign universities such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Slovakia, Iran, and India As a result of these collaborations, various laboratories in computer science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and equipment were also prepared – academic curricula, courses, and standard textbooks.

Herat University As a national university and its domain with increasing quality and quantity, it is leading the community in basic and applied sciences in all fields, expanding the Afghan community that will inevitably make Herat a top university.

How Many Feld Have Herat Univerty?

This institution is located as an approved center of the Ministry of Higher Education in western Afghanistan in Herat city. Herat province has 16 universities:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Literature and Human Sciences
  3. Economics
  4. Engineering
  5. Education
  6. Law and Political Science
  7. Agriculture
  8. Journalism
  9. Science
  10. Dentistry
  11. Fine Arts
  12. Medicine
  13. Computer Science
  14. Islamic Laws and Sciences
  15. Veternity
  16. Stomatology
    Badghis Province has three colleges (education, agriculture, and economy), Ghor province with one college (education) and Farah province has one college (education) providing services for the children of this border region.
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