International Student Exchange Scholarship in IRAN 2020

International Student Exchange Program in IRAN 2020

HARKAT’s International Student Festival, Iran | Scholarship For Afghanistan

Applications for an International Student Exchange Program in Iran 2020 are accepted. HARKAT’s International Student Festival, Iran is an exchange program for students of 1 week for all participants.

Applicants with academic background may apply for the Youth Exchange Programme. This is an exchange program that is fully funded for 2020. All your expenses are covered by the International Student Festival.

The International HARKAT Student Festival, organized by various Universities since 2008, is the largest student exchange program festival in Iran by the Iranian Ministry of Education.



  • The aim of the International Student Exchange Program in Iran is to put together students in a festival and exhibition from different parts of the world.
  • The festival is open to students from all over the world and provides a platform for young people from different backgrounds in science and culture.
  • Young people meet each other and get to know each other and have a long life and friendship.
  • The festival was organized by the University of Isfahan and was attended last year by 85 students from 54 countries and 300 students from Iran.

Financial Coverage

The Scholarship for International Students in Iran is fully funded. It will cover the majority of expenditures.

  1. Free Lodging and Boarding.
  2. Visa Letter if Needed (E-VISA)
  3. Free accommodation and all meals during the program.
  4. Free airport transfer.
  5. Free domestic transfer.
  6. Provide free travel to Tabriz for historical and natural attractions.
  7. Free exchange program gifts and souvenirs.
  8. Certificate of Participation in the festival.
  9. Note: International flight tickets and visa fees are not included

Program Goals

  • Increase and encourage the scientific work of students
  • Identify and recognize the significant achievements of students, groups of students and organizations
  • Exchange of scientific experience between students
  • Build a platform to work easily with and communicate with students.
  • The festival includes exhibits, seminars, work teams, walking tours, sports and cultural activities and tours of the natural and historic sites.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility is given to all students from around the world from any region.
  • There is no limit to any educational background in the academic field.
  • Current students are not compulsory. Graduate students and young workers can also apply.
  • The applicant’s age is to be between 18 and 38.
  • The applicant should be to communicate in English.
  • Students or young people from any industry will be eligible to apply.

How to Apply

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