Global Tech Challenge – Solutions for Women

Global Tech Challenge – Solutions for Women

The World Bank Group aims to start with CES 2021 the Global Tech Challenge to address the gender gap in emerging technologies. According to the World Bank Group report, more than 300 million women in developed countries have fewer internet connections than men. This condition changes every day and renders access to financial services and growth projects a strong obstacle.

The World Bank Project, the world’s biggest and most prominent technical occurrence, is a significant funding mechanism for low-income countries and CES offers a forum for newly developed gender organizations to be recognized internationally.



  • Digital access enhancing: Concentrate on business model innovation
  • Online content: Improve the feasibility of women’s content
  • Digital skills: Empower women and girls to build digital capabilities
  • platforms: Increase the number of women’s outlets for reaching retail markets and online networks.


  • Good applicants will be honored at 2021 CES as champions of the global competition in technology and have brand recognition.
  • Participation in the growth of their programs with World Bank teams and governments.
  • Technology firms and the mentorship of the world bank leader.
  • Links to international gatherings to exchange stories such as 2021 CES, global conventions, spring, and the World Bank’s annual meetings.
  • International network opportunity.

Who are not Eligible

  • Individuals and governments.
  • UN agencies


The significance and viability, efficiency, size, and reproduction are evaluated in your plan and are fit for purpose.


  • proposal 
    • The solution’s theory of change
    • Proof of the approach prior to effects on the target audience.
    • Replicability consistency, and scale to other contexts.

How to apply

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