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Knight Hennessy Scholarship

For all international students, the Knight Hennessy Scholars Program is the world’s biggest Fully Endowed Scholars Program. Under Knight Hennessy Scholarship, all Fields & Majors are accessible. Every year they select 100 students who will receive complete financing from around the globe to pursue any degree.

For 3 Years & For Ph.D., the maximum duration for the Master’s Degree will be up to 6 Years. The full tuition fee will be given to each student, Economic Class Air Tickets, Room, Books, Meals, Stipend. Please offer complete mail a read. Details can be found below.

Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2020

  1. Scholarship Country: United States of America
  2. University: Stanford University
  3. Scholarship By: Knight Hennessy Scholarship
  4. Course Level: Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD Degrees.
  5. Duration: 2 Year, 3 Year, 4 Year, 5 Year
  6. Deadline: 9 October 2019


  1. All Graduate Programs at Stanford; Only for Graduate Degrees. All Fields & Majors are Available. You can Get Your Masters or Ph.D. Degree in Any Discipline.
  2. DMA, Eng, Joint Degree, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, or Ph.D., Masters.


  1. First 3 Years years of Graduate Education.
  2. Typically Fund Six Years for PhDs, while others fund Five years for PhDs.

Full Financial 

  1. A fellowship Applied directly to Cover Full Tuition (aligned with the normal departmental registration level) and related charges.
  2. Monthly living and academic expenses scholarship (such as room and board, books, academic supplies, educational materials, local transport, and reasonable private expenditures)
  3. A travel scholarship designed to cover one annual trip to and from Stanford for an Economy-Class ticket.
  4. NOTE: Knight-Hennessy Scholars may also apply for additional funding to promote scholarly efforts (e.g. travel by conference).


Welcome to all citizens. Applications by residents of all nations to Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

You must have a degree in any discipline from your bachelor’s.

You must complete your 2014 or post2014 Bachelor or Master’s degree.

If your bachelor’s or master’s degree is completed before 2014, you are not eligible.

If you are still studying for your first / bachelor’s degree in college, you are eligible 

to apply as long as you finish your first / bachelor’s degree before enrolling as a Stanford graduate student.

If you have graduated, you will continue to be eligible to 

apply in 2019 as long as you have completed your first / bachelor degree in 2014 or later.

If you have earned or expect to receive a degree from a university where English is the official and 

only language of instruction, you do not need the outcomes of an English skills examination


The Last Date to Apply For the Knight Hennessy Scholarship at Stanford University is 9 October 2019

How to Apply

You must apply online. The Blue Color Link of the Online Application Form & How to Apply Procedure is also provided below. Best of Happiness.

Please visit the official website for more information

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