Free Online Courses by Harvard University

Harvard University offers 100 Free Online Courses for all persons interested in the development of their skills and expertise in diverse fields, such as business, entrepreneurship, engineering, humanities, mathematics, information technology, religion and so on. Students from all over the world who come from academia may apply without registration fee for these courses.


  • Opportunity type: Fully funded
  • Opportunity: Online Cours
  • Awarding Country: Online
  • Number of courses: 100 courses are available
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Cours availability: International
  • Duration: It ranges between 1 week and 14 weeks
  • Deadline: Differences depending on course

Online computer science courses to jumpstart your future.


  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Completion certificate
  • No Registration fee
  • Online


  • Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Art and Design
  • Health and Medicine
  • Business
  • Science
  • Education and Teaching
  • Humanities
  • Data Science
  • Mathematics

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