Facebook has launched a “wife search” service

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The social network Facebook has recently activated its “dating app on the Internet.

Facebook Dating

This section is currently active only in the US and maybe active in other countries in the future.

Users will need to register for this new section of Facebook individually and must include personal information such as name, age, civil status, occupation, religion, education, and location of residence.

This app can help users recommend a friend of the opposite sex with the same profile.

To use this app, the user must be at least 2 years old and do not have to wait for the person to find him or her, but can express their interest by direct message or by selecting the “Like” option.

One of the major differences of this app with other dating apps such as Thunder or Bebel is that people will be offered each other based on the groups, activities, and interests they have outlined in their profile. They will research and search for each other’s profile and page.

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