Eligible candidates were approved for admission to universities and private higher education institutions

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The plan was finalized in two sections and 18 paragraphs after deliberation and discussion at three sessions of the Private Higher Education Sector Advisory Board chaired by Abdul Tawab Balekarzi, the supervisor of the Ministry of Higher Education.

At the third Private Higher Education on Sector Advisory Board, chaired by Abdul Tawab Balakrishi, Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Barry Siddiqui, President Hamidullah Farooqi, Advisor to President of Kabul University, Head Office of the National Directorate of Education, Exams, universities and institutes of private higher education and the Committee on Religious, Cultural, Educational and Higher Education attended the Wolesi Jirga.

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Head of the Ministry of Higher Education first heard the report of past board meetings highlighting the obligations of the National Examinations Board and the universities and private higher education institutions in how students are enrolled in private educational institutions.

Board members also continue to share ideas on two projects (short and long term) that address the topics of successful grades in the fields of acupuncture, Engineer Seoul, Dentistry, Pharmacy and other private universities and institutes of higher education. And there was an agreement.
The board recently welcomed the initiative of the head of the Ministry of Higher Education to co-ordinate the topics of universities and private higher education institutions, calling the move a great achievement for the country’s higher education family.
It is noteworthy that the short-term plan in the Khazani semester and the long-term plan in the academic year 1399 are applicable.