Depict Watershed’s international short film online competition

Depict Watershed’s international multimedia short film exhibition, established in 1998, is the world’s largest international festival for short films, animations, and virtual reality and an official gateway to the UK’s most coveted award for filmmakers worldwide.

This Project welcomes applicants from every part of the world to submit their films and compete online. Interested candidates are willing to display the global audience’s originality, creativity, and desirable plays. Your film will be judged by a professional jury.


Prizes and rewards

  • Cash prizes of about 2500 Euros
  • NFTS, BFI Network and career counseling for Channel 4’s Random Acts.
  • Promoting and exhibiting at Encounters Film Festival through
  • Opportunity to join show system theatrical screenings in the United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

  • The website or other advertising material can only be credited to executives. Many funds will go to the co-directors.
  • The high-resolution version of their films for online use will be demanded from shortlisted and successful applicants.
  • If not, the English subtitle must be included in your films.
  • Applicants shall be allowed and authorized to apply their applications.
  • Up to five films can be submitted by each individual.
  • In January 2019, your films must be done.
  • The film will include all production techniques like animated films, documentaries, plays, experimental films or artists ‘ films, and hybrid work. It is not a matter of the advertisement.
  • The length of your film can not exceed or exceed 90 seconds, including titles and credits.

How to apply

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For more information please visit the official website