The government of Afghanistan has announced a new online platform to test your COVID 19 online in Three language 2 Local Language Dari and Pashto and 1 in International language English.

Easy Use platform

In this test you will ask 12 questions to answer it, after the answer, some questions they system will advise should you stay at home or take an appointment to visit the doctor Do not panic, isolate yourself from friends and family.
Call 166. The question that asks you should only answer it Yes or No


  1. Do you have a cough?
  2. Do you have a cold?
  3. Are you having Diarrhea?
  4. Are you having a sore throat?
  5. Are you having body aches?
  6. Are you having a headache?
  7. Do you have a fever (Temperature 37.8°C and above)?
  8. Are you having difficulty breathing?
  9. Are you experiencing fatigue?
  10. Have you traveled recently during the past 14 days?
  11. Do you have a history of traveling to an area infected with COVID-19?
  12. Do you have direct contact with or are you taking care of a positive COVID-19 PATIENT?

In Case you have COVID-19 should call 166 start your treatment


How to Start Test

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