Countries where women have to be fat for beauty!

Afghanistan24: In many countries, women do not want to look like supermodels and always keep their bodies in a state of disrepair. Although everyone knows that a healthy lifestyle is better than anything and when your body is not in shape and style, you are probably losing confidence and wanting to lose weight fast. There are people in the world who do not want to get rid of their overweight and are happy about it and have enough satisfaction with the beauty of their obesity.

In this section, we are going to introduce you to countries where being overweight is not a disadvantage and people are not bothered about it and many times consider it a good thing too.

  1. Greece
    In this country, people have a strange peace and never rush for anything. They are strangely in love with the great ladies, and if we look at the history of this country, we find that history has never been quiet and has been at war, but today the situation is completely reversed. They believe that everything is beautiful and that obesity is also a form of perfection. They believe it is a beautiful and healthy person to have an abdomen.
  2. Mexico
    Mexican women are famous for their attractive eyes. Filling the body is another element of beauty for the people of Mexico, and Mexico’s history shows that the country has never had a calm climate in the past, and has faced many times of famine and food shortages. That’s why now that all those famines are over, people want to eat as much as they can and they see obesity and eating as a sign of health.

Fast food and processed foods with trans fats are also popular in the country.

In Mexico, obesity is a very common problem, but apparently these people have no problem with obesity.

  1. Afghanistan
    The Afghan people believe that obese women have the ability to give birth to healthier babies. This country has a very bad climate and the economic situation of its people is not good at all, which is why they consider the cause of their people’s deaths to be slim and always advocate obesity.
  2. Samoa
    The island of Samoa is very beautiful and amazing, on the contrary, its people are considered to be poor. The people of Samoa do not give up eating as much as they can. They try to make overeating and calorie intake a gene, and their bodies will be attractive if they are obese.

In the past half-century, most processed foods, high-fat processed foods have been shipped to Samoa, so they are being added daily to obese people, who view obesity as a symbol of beauty and attraction.

  1. South Africa
    South Africa is a busy and populous country and there is a great deal of poverty and disease. Many people in the country suffer from AIDS and because of this, they consider a healthy and attractive person to be lean.
  2. Saudi Arabia
    In Saudi Arabia, people believe that obesity is a sign of good health and good social status, and they also consider obesity to be one of the positive traits that well-meaning people have. In this country, fast-food consumption has greatly increased and as result obesity has become widespread.

Saudi Arabia is not good with sports at all and women do not exercise at all, and recently some people have been trying to build sports clubs for women, but women themselves are not bothered about doing sports at all They don’t think about weight, even some of them are afraid of being muscular and losing fat.

Statistics show that 74 percent of upward women are happy with their weight and have no desire to change their current appearance.

  1. Emirates
    As you know, this country is in a very good and prosperous position financially. When we look at UAE models and bloggers on programs like Instagram, we get to know some of the people’s tastes about their appearance and body. They consider filling the body to be perfectly equal to one’s health, but they don’t care if it’s full of muscle or fat.

Having a belly in the UAE is quite natural and sometimes a sign of beauty. According to statistics, about 75% of people in the UAE are satisfied with their fitness and do not think about changing or losing weight. Interestingly, only 30% of these people are of normal weight.

  1. Brazil
    In this country, it is believed that if a woman does not have a large body, she should strive for it, and in fact, this is one of the signs of beauty and health in women and they find it attractive to be over 100 pounds and this The position is not annoying to anyone. Brazilians, both men, and women are very proud of their bodies and proud of their beauty and never willing to change it unless they are thin.

In fact, obesity has its roots in the history of the country, and before reaching their present prosperity, the Brazilians have been trying as much as they can to eat healthy, nutritious, and high-calorie foods in the past because of economic difficulties. Power and energy do the hard work. All their food should also be flavorful, otherwise, they will never be satisfied with eating it.