Cartier Women’s Initiative Award for Female Entrepreneurs

Cartier Women’s Initiative Award for Female Entrepreneurs

So if you’re a female entrepreneur who has started her company for profit, you can request for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award that will include $30,000 to $100,000 to further expand your business. The Cartier Women’s Initiative award will pick 21 finalists from among the applicants and provide them with business coaching, seminars, awareness sessions, and an INSEAD social entrepreneurship executive program scholarship. In addition to the 7 regional awards, this year the initiative offers Pioneer Science and Technology award.

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  • Networking with CA community
  • INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Internship and Scholarship 6 day Executive Training
  • Opportunity for Seminars and networking during the program
  • Business coaching


Prize for 7 laureates

  • 7 laureates will receive 100,000 prizes and also Personal business mentorship

prize for 14 finalists

  • prize for 14 finalists will recive 30,000$ prize

Science and Technology Pioneer Award

Science and Technology Pioneer Award for 1 laureate USD 100,000 and 2 Remaining finalist will recvied 30,000$


  • The applicant should Be a profit-making business for generating revenues
  • The applicant should be Team Innovation, New Concept.
  • Currently generating earnings
  • Under the leadership of women who are CEO, or General Manager.
  • The applicant with good English language proficiency


  • CV
  • Business registration documents
  • Financial details
  • Company tax return
  • Receipt by tax authority

How to Apply

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