Big News IOS 13 is coming

IOS 13 will reportedly be available for the iPhone 6 and above this Thursday.

ios 13

Dark Mode or Dark Mode

IOS 13 Dark Mode

One of the most valuable features of the new release is perhaps the darker version of the abyss.
This feature is not only good for battery storage, but also less harmful to users.

Fast typing

Tired of hitting letters?

Finally, Apple’s keyboard supports QuickPath Typing. That is, instead of tapping on the letters, you can swipe between the keyboard buttons and type without removing your finger from the screen.

New Apple ID feature

Apple unveiled Sign In With Apple in response to Facebook Login and Google Login, which has been used in Android for years. In the new version of IOS, you can log in to sites that require login using Apple’s username. You do not need to create a new account to access these sites. The interesting part is that you can create a new username in Apple that is not linked to your email address.

Apple’s new map

On the app’s new launch page, you can add your own busy locations to make it easier to access. With Collections, you can better manage your favorite places.

In addition, Apple has also updated the Street View version so users can zoom in on the road for visual navigation.

Apple Assistant

Although the new version of Apple Assistant “Siri” not much attention, but Siri has more capabilities, for example, Siri will be able to read your messages.