Best VPN for a Chrome browser – Browsec

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You don’t need to filter it with another Chrome extension

No Need to other VPN now accesses Facebook and other filtered applications by making simple changes to your Google Chrome browser without the need for high-speed filtering. Google Chrome has an application on Google so that any user can access the filtered sites without any risk. All information is encrypted with this feature, providing you with a safe environment.

To install this feature on Google Chrome, do the following

1- Open Google Chrome and right-click on the top three horizontal lines for settings. A menu opens. Click on that menu (Settings). A new menu opens throughout the page. At the top left, click on Extensions. Another menu opens. Click at the bottom of the menu (Get more Extensions), another menu opens. Type the top left of the word ( Browsec) and press enter. It will immediately find a Browsec extension for you. click the first program from above (Browsec) with the right-hand side (Free) Install Once installed, the top of your Google Chrome page (right) will appear on the browser (right) icon. This icon can be activated and deactivated. Now go to any site you want and keep up with the speed of the Internet.

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