Be positive to be different

Be positive to be a different

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Collected and prepared by Reza Fereydoonnejad
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Be positive to be different

Be positive to be different

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Description and introduction of the book:

  • If you are interested in changing your thinking and having a positive attitude!
  • If you want the desired life and endless success!
  • If you care about the health of your body and soul!
  • This book will be a useful and practical beginning for you…

One of the greatest blessings and powers that God has given to human beings to use effectively, is the blessings and power of choice! For example, choosing between a positive or negative attitude! An attitude that, if we know its value and use it properly, will lead us to the greatest peaks of happiness and success in this world and the hereafter, or vice versa, we will cause misery, troubles and regret!


Choosing a positive way of thinking in life is a smart and wise way, so it does not matter what gender you are, we have nothing to do with your past or it does not matter how old you are now and what your situation is, what your way of thinking is and… It is important that from this moment, yes, from this moment, you decide to become a successful and positive person by changing your thinking and attitude towards the events and those around you, so now this choice is with you!

Positive Thinking So far, from hearing negative news, negative and sad songs, and… that are heard or sung from everywhere every day, or quarreling with negative people and complainants, or grumbling and making excuses for your misdeeds, and…. What have you gained? What did these really do for you? How close are you to your goals and aspirations? How much have they made you grow and prosper? How much did they pay you for it ?!

So by becoming a positive and positive person, let’s sweeten life for yourself and those around you and pave the way for your success more than before. Never forget that your attitude depends on your choices, the choices you make every day. Decide now to develop a more positive attitude and mindset so that it is unwavering and permanent.

Certainly you have come across countless books and articles about positive thinking and its effects, which in most cases are all the same and similar, now in this book I have collected the most useful and practical materials for you in this field and for sure I am by reading and using the contents of this book, you have become a positive person and you will see its miracles and effects in your life.


It is only necessary to mention that reading this book alone is not enough, but all the points of this book must be observed and implemented in life with a decisive decision and a strong will to witness its effects.

In this book you read:

  • Introduction
  • Positive Thinking
  • What is a positive expectation?
  • How do thoughts affect life?
  • The relationship between positive thinking and the law of attraction
  • Religion’s view of positive thinking
  • Positive thinking and health
  • Positive thinking and human life
  • Positive thinking and natural longevity
  • Positive thinking and self-confidence
  • Positive thinking and happiness
  • Positive Thinking and Success
  • Positive thinking and purpose
  • Logical solutions for positive thinking and success
  • Do not forget the effort in life
  • General characteristics of positive and negative people
  • Colors and positive energy!
  • How do we learn to be positive?
  • Effective Positive Thinking Techniques
  • The latest way to have a positive personality
  • Live positively with these ten methods
  • Ten ways to absorb positive energy
  • Ten concerns affecting positive thinking and its solutions
  • Simple golden tips for being positive
  • Practical steps for positive thinking
  • What are negative energies and thoughts and where do they come from?
  • What happens when we weave negativity?
  • The most common negative emotions and the solution to control it
  • Negative thought-stopping technique
  • See without pessimism glasses!
  • Negative energy discharge techniques
  • How to manage our thoughts?
  • Increase your positive forces
  • The power of words in life!
  • Positive Thinking Test: How Positive Are You?