Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai Speech in Herat

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Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai was talking to Herat people because election to vote him and he announced that I will bring some changes when I win the election to people.

The president said I will bring peace for all people of Afghanistan but here were some people that said we don’t have any school for our children. all the young generation are jobless.

that was the reason the guards of president Ghani had to stop the people in the street.

Jook Of Day

Shabaka Khanda
One Solder said: It is your freedom time you can go now.

Answer: It is good to be in prison, which freedom in the outside that neither can go around the city or market.

I want to be more here I don’t want to go from here because here is safe for me

living in Afghanistan is worse than living in prison.