Art Moves 2020 Billboard Art Competition

Art Moves 2020 Billboard Art Competition

The Billboard Art Competition is designed for the international billboard artist. In the Art Moves Festival in September or October, next year in Torun, Poland, the competition will select ten best interesting works. In addition, the main prize is approximately $1278 for the winner. Read the contest

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Details | Billboard Art Competition

  • Opportunity type: Funded 1278 USD
  • Opportunity: Competition
  • Organization: Art Moves
  • Availability: International
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Number of the winner: 10
  • Location: Torun, Poland
  • Deadline: 23 July 2020

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • The objective of this competition is to spread and popularize the art of billboards and accompany artists to actually work their imagination.
  • In addition, young artists who are willing to face new themes and an unusual way of presenting themselves can apply to talented artists interested in billboard art.
  • Artists who use the slogan sentence in their work have to clarify in Polish or English. It is however not necessary to use any competitive themes.
  • Artists can apply to each other and with a team. Please include, if applicable to a contest, all team members of the writers of the work and contact information for anyone in touch with the organizer of the competition.
  • The the organizer of the competition reserves the right to display works not selected by the jury on the billboards.

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  • Application form
  • 72 dpi, jpg. The submission file with first and last names could be named by artists. When more than 1 is submitted, use the number.
  • After a final decision by the jury team, successful winners must tell the jury team about the latest printed and displayed work on the billboards.

How to apply

Attach your documents and Send Via Email: [email protected]

For more information please visit the official website

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