Activism and Citizen Journalism through Media free online course

Activism and Citizen Journalism through Media free online course

This course is part of contact courses offered by top universities such as Witwatersrand Johannesburg University. As you are aware, the media is a powerful tool to promote social justice. This course will, therefore, offer you valuable information and guidance when you are an activist who promotes or advocates for a social cause.

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The “citizen journalism course” will help you identify a story worthy of news, choose the appropriate media for publishing your story and evaluate the effects of your story. Finally, the course also examines how an activist and a citizen reporter work in an ethical manner.


Note: Course is completely free of cost but if you want to get verify certificate it will cost your 49$

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  • Availible international
  • No accodumic background
  • No Documation
  • Verfied certeficiat 49$ ( if you want to have it )
  • Online
  • Increasing your job prospect

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