Kankor 98 Excel File Download


There Is a Complete database of kankor  1398 result you can Download It right now you can use this excel file as o offline just open it and search your name that you have passed this exam or not. If you want to download a complete excel database click here […]

Questions that most Kankor students ask


What can I do to succeed in the Kankor Test?
Why am I not interested in reading the lesson and thinking that I don’t learn what I read?
Why does the material I learned in the past escape my mind?
I can’t manage my time and always cheat myself while studying?
And dozens of questions like these?

What is the Top Scour of kankor Exam


We know to get a top point or scour is difficult in kankor but you should be able to answer more than 120 questions to pass your exam. Which types of Universities have Afghanistan? In Afghanistan, there are lots of universities to study but there are two types of university […]

Which Subject you should study in kankor

Afghanistan24 1

I have done lots of research and talk to all teachers that they are teaching for the kankor proportion test I mention some of the Teachers Qais Rabeen qarzi, Khamush, Kabir Samimi, Hanifullah Hakimi, Wahid Khair khwah, Masood Kabir, I especially thank from each of them. They said: Kankor Test […]

How You Should Pass Kankor Exam?


There are lots of ways to pass your biggest exam of kankor first you should know or target your aim which field you want to study at university. you can read more about this topic here My Idea to kankor students: we know that learning in Afghanistan is difficult in […]

About Kankor Afghanistan test


Kankor is an exam each year by the Ministry of Higher Education to be held in the university’s And thousands of people who are interested in entering university, corporate, and at the end of the test group who earn top ratings can be absorbed into the university.Kankor has been a […]