About us

About us: Afghanistan24 began its operation to provide the facility to make fair use of time for the young generation of Afghanistan and to discover jobs, scholarships, and opportunities in just a few clicks. ( with help our other organization partner )

What we do

We Work Very hard to make everything very easy to find it like Scholarship, opportunities, jobs, or other materials that help the student pass there kankor exam like the form of kankor. We will collect all data or material legally and 100 percent correct without any failer. we test it before and upload it to our website, we have a group of kankor teachers that help us to create it.

Some Info about us

We start work 2011 in Afghanistan we know that Afghan student needs a source that proves more educational material information and opportunities.

We decide to create this website and legally collect information from sources that provide for us and we have the copyright of that opportunity like jobs, scholarship, conferences or kankor studying materials

What we can do for you?

We are here to share your announcement like Jobs, conferences, Scholarships, and other educational programs

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