A letter from Karo

This book is a letter from Karo to an … Karo Dardarian was born in 1304 in Hamedan and died in 2008 in California and was an Iranian writer and poet of Iranian descent and brother of Iranian singer Vigen.

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Karo Dardarian was born in 1304 in Hamedan and died in 2008 in California and was an Iranian writer and poet and Iranian singer and brother of Vigen. He was born in Hamedan but lived in Borujerd and Arak. They spend some time after the death of their father in Maragheh and Tabriz and later move to Tehran. Karrow is one of the first generations of Nemai poets. Caro got married once and separated from his wife. She has three children, two daughters, and one son.

Remy, Rebecca, and Rene Caro by Mohammad Reza Ayuzzadeh: Caro songs are critical and reflect the bitter truths of human life; issues such as poverty, cruelty, and crime have a special place in his work. In addition, Caro is a passionate creator of beautiful romantic pieces and poems, and human love forms a significant part of his work. Daring to speak the truth with a sense of humor and language that is understandable to the masses, and to the choice of the most popular topics of interest to the young generation, Caro’s works are popular, making him a reconciling face of much of the young Iranian community. Literature. Part of the letter: Donkey! Unlike those who do not break the leash for you, I have a great devotion to you. To you … to your genius … to your comprehensive understanding – to your social understanding to your worldview …. Believe me, I have a lot of devotion! On the other hand, your prosperous life, your peace of mind, your calmness towards events, your skill in deceiving others, your acting ability in manifesting goodwill … I am all the more jealous. It is no coincidence that I have decided to make some heartfelt words with you so sincerely … no accident no more … I wish you had missed some of your expedient moments, you thought of me as yourself And you listened to my untreated pain just as easily and viciously …

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