5 Smartest countries in the world

This information collected by Afghanistan24 Team

Determining the intelligence of the whole people of a country is not an easy task, but here is a sincere effort to achieve that goal.

Which country has smartest people in the world? In this article, I will share some information about it and read the complete article.

Singapur flag

5 – Singapur With 103 IQ: Singapur is in smartest according to the Technik and it is the biggest commercial market in the world.

The teaching method is in English, Native language and more focus is on Mathematics.

Children are very smart in mathematics

Education: you can get Scholarship in Singapore also there are lots of institutes that you can Start your Bachelor degree or Master degree

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4 – Taiwan 104 IQ :

Taiwan in Economic has a key function around the world.

Taiwan Students are very intelligent the have got in Global tests very god scours

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Japan 105 IQ

Pisa has announced that Japanese students are ranked No. 5 in the world.

Japan is very advanced in technic.

There is also the possibility to study in Japan, the Afghanistan government has a contract with some of the university in japan that you can get it free of cost.

Every year japan announces more than 100 scholarship to the afghan student via the ministry of higher education in Kabul.

If your bachelor student in one governmental university in Afghanistan then you can apply for a master degree or Ph.D.

INS1003 South Korean Flag

South Korea 106 IQ

South Korea places great value on scientific achievements.

The citizens of South Korea are a very hard worker that’s why they are ranked No. 5 in the world.

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Hongkong 107 IQ

Hong Kong has the most intelligent people in the world. Hong Kong had got the highest IQ level in the world.

If You are the Scholar researcher and you want to study out sild of country then Hongkong is the great place there is a lot of top universities